In the past, many companies ran their businesses based on trends or simply what they thought would produce results. However, more and more data are present in the day-to-day of organizations.

Through them, it is possible to build solid indicators that can guide a business, show profitability and even indicate where there is a loss. So, make strategic decisions driven by data and indicators.

In print outsourcing contracts, this statement is no different. In times of pandemic and with an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to monitor the indicators that show how printers are being used by end customers, to maximize profits and avoid losses.

In this way, nddPrint MPS offers a range of indicators that are automatically generated to show how well each contract is performing.

There is constant talk of average coverage, supply efficiency, premature trade, high and low production, but it is not always easy to identify how these indicators can help in everyday life.

Remember, from this post, which indicators can make a difference in your print outsourcing.


A vertical de negócios nddPrint provém soluções para que empresas de outsourcing de impressão administrarem seu negócio, reduzindo custo em seus processos operacionais, fidelizando seus clientes e mantendo seus contratos lucrativos. O nddPrint possui completo portfólio de soluções para provedores de outsourcing e clientes.

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