Dealers are struggling with helping their customer continue their core business while at the same time facilitating a Remote Worker strategy. Documents still play a major role in this, and many small businesses have not yet implemented an onsite “document management” strategy.

On average, employees print 12,000 pages a year, averaging $300-$500 in toner costs per employee. Companies spend $20 in labor to file a documen t, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document.  

At least, 7.5 percent of all documents get lost; 3 percent of the remainder is misfiled. Professionals spend 5 – 15 percent of their time reading information, but up to 50 percent looking for it. And there are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone and they are growing at a rate of 22% per year.

How to overcome those “document issues” 

The nddPrint Plus provides the integration of On Premise and Cloud Technologies thus allowing for a structured strategy to manage the Lifecycle of a company’s documents. This approach incorporates all aspects of a document’s life, creation, distribution, archival, retrieval and destruction. 

This is a holistic approach to document lifecycle management that integrates strategies designed to lower operating costs, maintain security and compliance as well as allowing for a true “green” approach to document production. 

Consists of multiple software components that can be turned on or off, based upon customer requirements: 

  • Advanced Capture
  • Document Management 
  • User Accounting and Control 
  • Managed Print Services 

We are able to provide the best solution for your business. Talk to one of our specialists and find out how we can help you. 


A vertical de negócios nddPrint provém soluções para que empresas de outsourcing de impressão administrarem seu negócio, reduzindo custo em seus processos operacionais, fidelizando seus clientes e mantendo seus contratos lucrativos. O nddPrint possui completo portfólio de soluções para provedores de outsourcing e clientes.

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