Security in the right measure, with release of impressions through authentication with biometrics.

We’ve talked a lot about how biometrics are safe and also about the benefits that this item gives in print environments. Now we will show you how we integrate security, innovation and great results in our solution.

Our solution provides the quickest way to print documents, enhancing security through biometric authentication. In just two steps, printing is sent and released, applying policies and quotas – if necessary.

Key features of nddPrint:

  • Each user will only have access to their retained impressions
  • No need to enter data for authentication
  • Documents printed with agility
  • Security when releasing impressions
  • Multi-Manufacturer operation
  • No scrap with proximity card
  • Auto Registration of fingerprints Integrated with domain controller physical identification data

Reader and solution adapt to each other, without need for additional settings. Result of the joint work between nddPrint and DMZ. Learn more about this partnership!


A vertical de negócios nddPrint provém soluções para que empresas de outsourcing de impressão administrarem seu negócio, reduzindo custo em seus processos operacionais, fidelizando seus clientes e mantendo seus contratos lucrativos. O nddPrint possui completo portfólio de soluções para provedores de outsourcing e clientes.

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