The nddPrint MPS indicators are an extremely important part of users’ operations. With it, Printing Business can have real benefits: They make your job easier in some ways, even reducing costs.  

Explaining the indicators

To start with: what are indicators? In summary, indicators are efficient management instruments to measure various items within your operation, or information collected, which visibly reflect a complex logic.  

A set of indicators allows us to understand the behavior and performance of an organization, helping in the functioning of the systems, and facilitating decision-making.  

In this way, the indicators, within a printing business, allow a deep and complete analysis of its performance. The periodic measurement of results – supported by these indicators – allows for precise and well-founded interventions that, in different ways, will add value to your company’s activity.  

How are they generated?

In nddPrint MPS, they are generated in the following way: the information is collected through a monitor module, which receives and sends this information. Thus, the system manages and presents them, intuitively and easily, through graphics, alerts, and reports.  

What are the types of indicators?

Within the MPS system, companies have several indicators that support production in a very important way. Among them: indicators of average coverage, efficiency and production of inputs, inputs exchanged and in use, premature exchanges, pages that are no longer printed, high and low production, inputs without origin, and finished inputs, among others.  

So, what benefits does my company have?

In addition to the gains we’ve already mentioned, like the ease of making decisions, you’ll see gains in increased productivity, efficiency, and decreased errors. The consequence of all this is cost optimization within your operation.  

Better understand my indicators

If you want to know even more about the nddPrint MPS indicators, please leave a comment on this post! Or, if you are not an MPS customer and would like a free demo today, click here and speak to our experts. 


A vertical de negócios nddPrint provém soluções para que empresas de outsourcing de impressão administrarem seu negócio, reduzindo custo em seus processos operacionais, fidelizando seus clientes e mantendo seus contratos lucrativos. O nddPrint possui completo portfólio de soluções para provedores de outsourcing e clientes.

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