Help printing operations in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare businesses

Even before this moment, the medical-hospital fields have always had to be in full operation. In addition to relying on inputs such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hospitals, clinics, and several other health-oriented businesses, they see a growing demand for other items that directly support patient safety and business management, such as printing.

These institutions need to print prescriptions, reports, certificates, hospital discharges, labels, and other confidential documents, essential for the patient and for the industry itself.

As there is a high demand in this regard, to obtain positive results and reliable operation efficiency, every print has to be managed, controlled, and measured.

The Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, for example, needs total control over the unit’s printing facilities. For that, it uses the nddPrint solution for printing in the nutrition area and even patient control labels.

The institution has a large printing volume, so they need to have confidence in control. Valter Ferreira, the ICT management coordinator, says NDD helps to control who, when, and how much is printed. This is an advantage and a demand to manage an environment with a large printing volume.

nddPrint 360 assists in medical-hospital business

For the Hospital de Clínicas, the nddPrint 360 system efficiency draws the attention of the entire medical and administrative team because they have control and precise numbers of what is happening related to printing.

nddPrint 360 is a complete control, optimization, and discipline solution for enterprise printing environments.

NDD is supporting the health sector in projects closed in April and May in the following format:

  • Payment extension for the 360 solution from July this year;
  • 180 days free for nddPrint Releaser license (nddPrint 360). 

This way, healthcare institutions can concentrate efforts and cash flows on their financial restructuring, and NDD partners can expand their participation in this sector.

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A NDD é uma empresa brasileira de tecnologia que desenvolve soluções para gestão de documentos fiscais eletrônicos, meios de pagamento para transporte e frete e soluções para provedores de outsourcings de impressão.

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