One of the main costs within a Printing Business are supplies, especially toner. To mitigate costs, dealers must have support to save toner. From this demand, the nddPrint has new functionality that can help those companies.


The EcoToner is a nddPrint MPS functionality created to make consumables last longer, resulting in savings and profitability.

The functionality is visible and manageable, exclusive, by the Printing Business, who can adapt the savings levels according to their reality.

Besides that, the configuration is easy and on a general scale, being able to remotely manage several printers at the same time.

The main benefits

  • Visible and manageable exclusively by the dealer;
  • Built to work regardless of printer brand;
  • It works for any type of font or image;
  • Facilitated configuration, being able to remotely manage a large number of computers;
  • Flexible and adaptable to environments according to need;
  • Saving of up to 60% for all types of cartridges;
  • It works on any printer, as long as it has the PCL6 driver.

With the nddPrint MPS, you have results, control, efficiency, and savings. Now with the EcoToner, your Printing Business will go further. Get to know more about the EcoToner, access the page.


A vertical de negócios nddPrint provém soluções para que empresas de outsourcing de impressão administrarem seu negócio, reduzindo custo em seus processos operacionais, fidelizando seus clientes e mantendo seus contratos lucrativos. O nddPrint possui completo portfólio de soluções para provedores de outsourcing e clientes.

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