Digital Transformation – You may not know exactly what that means, or how important it can be to you and your business, but you’ve heard about it. But, after all, what is digital transformation? And why is it necessary?

First, let’s talk about some of the meanings used for digital transformation. It can be defined as “the integration of digital technology in all areas of a business, fundamentally changing the way it operates and delivers value to its customers“.

It can also be a “culture shift that requires companies to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and be comfortable with failure.”

Another interesting definition is that digital transformation is “the process of using digital tools and technologies to improve or renew existing processes within companies.”

Why do companies need digital transformation?

First, because digital transformation is profitable, leading to increased revenue, with research evidence from around the world. This, of course, already explains what a necessary movement is like for companies.

But more than that, as the last definition we present explains, digital transformation can be synonymous with improvements that lead to greater efficiency within the business.

All companies tend to win, including companies that provide solutions, such as printing business, for example, that can bring these ease and improvements closer to their customers.

Plus, we’re talking about more than increasing corporate revenue – we’re also talking about maintaining it. We know that business transformations are getting bigger and faster – an example is the COVID-19’s crisis – and, therefore, be prepared, looking to the future and new technologies and digital initiatives, it becomes necessary for those who want to achieve success.

Although there is no exact recipe for digital transformation in every company, one thing is right: it is necessary to start, whatever your segment of activity.

I want to know how to start the digital transformation

Digital transformation can seem like a great challenge, because it is a disruptive movement, as well as very important, and fundamental for companies that want to move to the next level.

But then, how can these companies take the first step towards digital transformation, efficiently and easily? Is it possible for me to support my customers in this move? The answer is yes! And we have the answer. Check out our next article!


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