Certainly, corporate printing environments demand much more attention to management and control needs, these days. When it comes to managing these environments, first of all, the printing business must be prepared to offer the best tools and technologies. Below, we have chosen some of these solutions:  

1 – Choose complete solutions for your printing environment  

With so many technologies and printing solutions available, it is important to consider the main and most complete alternatives to satisfy all the demands of your customers. Options that provide security, control, sharing, confidentiality, and mobility should be treated as differentials to consider.  

Today it is necessary first to guarantee customizable and restrictive policies. Then also guarantee print quotas and user authentication for those prints. Finally, shared fees, chargeback, and some other features can be deciding factors when choosing.  

2 – Printing technologies, such as applications, add value to the customer  

What differentials are you willing to offer your customer? Do you bring what you are looking for? Today there are new developments in printing technology that not only facilitate the routine of printing environments and their users. They also add value. An example is mobile application technology. They can allow the user to be agile efficiently. Therefore, you will not need a computer or a release terminal to make your prints.  

3 – Identify demands  

Knowing which are the best solutions, which ones have cutting-edge applications, and, above all, whether their characteristics suit your priorities, are important steps when identifying the printing technologies that should be offered to your customers. In conclusion, point out the main needs and pains of your target audience when it comes to dealing with corporate printing and, with the help of the right tools, have everything you need to solve them.  

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