Avoid problems by managing your printing environment securely, efficiently, and quickly, without losing hand on corporate productivity

For some time now, companies have been looking for ways to optimize office printing. It has become increasingly necessary to print only the essentials, without losing productivity and mobility, because most of the time, organizations face recurring printing problems like:

  1. Exposure of confidential documents;
  2. Expenses with forgotten prints on the machines; and
  3. Lack of agility, with printers far from some sectors.

It is common, for example, to find a “printing tray” in many companies. It is an improvised tray, like a document organizer, where employees can get the prints. Working this way can cause time loss when people search for printed and forgotten documents; there is also a high risk of exposing a confidential paper since everyone has access to the tray.

Solving recurring problems

To solve recurring problems like these, NDD, through the nddPrint 360 solution, adds the Releaser module, a tool that can maintain the security and mobility of prints within companies.

An attractive addition to controlling waste and promote sustainable consumption, avoiding problems in corporate printing, as it eliminates the waste of sheets left in the tray. If the user forgets the print request made, the file will remain in the print queue until released or deleted.

To get an idea of the effectiveness of this module, added to the nddPrint 360 solution, some companies have already accomplished a decrease of 25% with the printing cost. They found a printing outsourcing partner, who worked with nddPrint software, and saw in the solution how, in addition to reducing costs, neutralizing and offsetting CO² emissions.

Besides, they achieved a return of 100% of the amount invested in the solution. Even decreasing the print volume, the margin and profitability still raised in the company. This indicates software efficiency for the company and printing outsourcing.

Enterprise printing security and mobility

The Releaser module consists of a printing private cloud, which centralizes and retains documents in its repository. This ensures to users, secure release on the closest printers. All prints are made in one or more shared queues, streamlining work processes. This facilitates and adds security to the printing environment management.

How it works

  1. When the user requests a print, the document is sent to the Releaser retention repository (a process called “Pull Printing”). Then, the user can use the secure release on any network printer that is connected to the private cloud.
  2. For the release, different forms of authentication can be used, such as biometrics, PIN, Secure PIN, User, and Password or an Approach Card. It is also possible to integrated authentication with Active Directory. In this process, release agents are also essential. They are the interface through which users will authenticate. The options are: web release agent, network card reader, an interface that is available on the touch screen of the printing device and biometrics (DMZ partnership);
  3. It is important to remember: a user cannot authorize and remove the prints requested by another. All print jobs are protected by security parameters. Unless the user uses the delegation functionality.

Discover the Releaser module, through the nddPrint 360 solution, and ease the printing processes in your customer base. In addition to promoting security and mobility in companies, obtain profitable contracts.


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